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Our selection of wines has been chosen with seasonal weather in mind. Many of the whites are fuller in body except perhaps the Rieslings but of course, these suit every season! The reds are mostly on the more tannic or savoury side. There is an emphasis on traditional method sparkling, from Corpinnat and Champagne.

There is a common thread running through the producers we have joining us in person today. We stumbled across all of these wines, almost by accident, from travelling, eating, drinking and sharing with good friends. Ca’n Verdura, we discovered in a Barcelona wine shop in 2022, lured in by the labels and curious about the indigenous grape varieties and Mallorcan origin. These distinctive wines bring both interest and joy to a list. We first bought Terre de l’Elu wines in Saumur in 2019, where we drank a bottle of l’Aiglerie over dinner. Their wines stayed with us and it was hard to resist importing them. Tenuta delle Terre Nere has been on our portfolio longer and was a discovery at a wine club tasting in 2015. Within a week we had our first order placed. At Vinateros in London, not looking for sparkling wine at all, we first tasted Gramona and it was inevitable that we should work together. In a wine shop, within the shadow of the Reims Cathedral, we were strongly advised to try Goutorbe-Bouillot, advice we diligently and thankfully followed!

Our hope today is that you discover something that strikes a chord with you that you in turn get to share with your customers. This is, after all, what SPIT is about.

Our wineries for Spit festival:

CA’N VERDURA (Tomeu & Alejandra Hussein Lopez) Binissalem, Mallorca; TERRE DE L’ELU (Thomas Carsin) Anjou, Loire; TENUTA DELLE TERRE NERE (Debora Cavallaro) Etna, Sicily; GRAMONA (Andres Rangel) Corpinnat, Spain; GOUTORBE-BOUILLOT (Bastien Papleux) Champagne, France; MOSEL RIESLING; CLAUDE RIFFAULT, Sancerre, France; DEMORGENZON, Stellenbosch, South Africa; NIEPOORT, Douro, Portugal; PINOT NOIR; VOLPAIA, Tuscany, Italy; LE PUY, Bordeaux, Vin de France; RED WINES FROM MAGNUM.

Our contact details:

+353 87 825 0382 

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